Who Should I Hire?

Who Should I Hire?
3 minutes read. June 21st, 2018.

Design Agency

Pros – Working with a team of designers, each designer will hold an expertise in an area of design creating a collaborative method of working. This means whatever your project consists of, you will have the best designer working on the project. This collaborative effort will make sure each element of your project is executed to perfection. If your main designer should fall ill, someone else will be there to pick up the work and make sure the deadline is met. Design agencies hold a wide range of projects in their portfolio and clients they work with, creating a partnership with them and their great reputation can be a positive impact on your brands by association.

Cons – Working with big brands, can come with a big price tag. For smaller short projects or start up brands with little budget, it may not be cost effective to work with a design agency. Communication lines are subject to their opening times within the studio, the person you talk to may not be the designer working on your project.


Pros – Freelancers tend to be much more flexible with their working hours to complete projects. With no overheads such as other employees or costs of running a studio, prices reflect this compared to expense of large design agencies. You can guarantee the person you talk to about your project requirements or changes will be the designer to put these in place.

Cons – Working with a freelancer, means they hold a lot of responsibility if anything should happen to your designer it can compromise the project.

In-house designer

Pros – Hiring an in-house designer for your project means they will understand the brands guidelines and its future goals on a much more deeper level of knowledge. Having a designer working solely on your projects in the office will give the advantage of having an open line of communication at all times. This can become more efficient when wanting to make changes and checking on the progress or reviewing your project.

Cons – When there is little design work needed, having an in-house designer as an employee can become an unnecessary expense for the business.

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Who Should I Hire?

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