How to Write the Best Creative Brief

How to Write the Best Creative Brief
2 minutes read. May 14th, 2018.

Research your Client

Researching into – what is there target audience? what brand values do they hold? What service do they provide and what is their USP (unique selling point) will give you the idea of who and what they are and how things can be improved by yourself. Getting to know your clients needs over their wants will get the results the client can measure and enable a successful outcome, potentially achieving a retainable relationship for the future.

Ask Questions

Gain clarity on what they will hope for and need in the future, this can give you an advantage on what to do now in preparation. Find out what it is they want to achieve considering their future plan and what may be needed in any future briefs and projects. By asking questions you will learn more about the client so you can define what they need and expect from you and the work you are creating. Be open to the client asking questions of you too, be prepared to answer with the correct capability.

Pick through the project

Determine the essentials and extras by asking ‘what do they want?’ and ‘what do they need?’ here you can input your professional advice into the job. The client will likely return in the future based on trust and build a relationship through these extras you offer. A case of reading through everything outlined and then reading between the lines give the potential to offer more understanding.

Define the brief

Outline the key deliverables and detail a schedule of deadline dates and reviews with timescales for budget planning and costs of the project. Having this in writing will keep both you and the client in good communication throughout with an agreed upon plan including of expectations to be met by both parties.

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How to Write the Best Creative Brief

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