Six Hat Thinking

Six Hat Thinking
3 minutes read. March 14th, 2018.


To look purely at the facts, statistics and background knowledge to understand the subject matter and possibly predict a future outcome or solution based only on available information. Asking what are the facts? What do we currently know about the subject and the problem we face?

Six Hat Thinking - Facts


To form an initial emotional response and instinctive gut feelings with no justification or reasoning other than intuition. Focusing on questions such as how does it make you feel? to generate such reactions.

Six Hat Thinking - Feelings


To take a practical and realistic look at where to find the weakest points of a plan, by highlighting them in the beginning a resilient plan can be formed around the threats. By asking questions such as what is preventing us? what can go wrong? Identifying the negatives to form a positive action plan.

Six Hat Thinking - Negative


To think positively, choosing to focus only on the brighter side of situations, the benefits and values from an optimistic viewpoint. With a yes and can-do attitude asking questions such as How can we do this? Can help form a plan to reach the ideal outcome.

Six Hat Thinking - Positive


To think creatively and generate ideas or routes that can be developed to creatively solve the solution. Looking at alternative factors surrounding the solution and asking questions such as what opportunities are there? In order to produce additional material.

Six Hat Thinking - Creativity


Considering all perspectives and viewpoints from above and choosing which hat to wear and in which order to solve and manage the problem. This hat sets a direction for thinking asking questions such as how should we think about this? Which hat is called for first?

Six Hat Thinking - Control

“If you never change your mind, why have one?” – Edward de Bono

The six-hat thinking exercise can be applied to many problems whether you face them alone or in a team. Put your thinking cap on and get in touch to talk through your project with our team today.

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Six Hat Thinking

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