Top 10 Tips to Spark your Creativity

Top 10 Tips to Spark your Creativity
3 minutes read. July 4th, 2017.


Have an informed outlook and understanding of the subject matter. Searching for inspiration is fun and can be found everywhere if you look. Collect things that inspiration you, you never know when it could be useful in future projects.

Take a break

Relax and let thoughts come to you instead of chasing ideas. This may feel like procrastination but starring at the same thing for too long can make you more likely to miss the obvious.


Talk through your ideas with peers, asking for feedback can be constructive and allow you to expand and develop ideas further. This is a productive way to progress in the right direction quickly.


Get your ideas in front of you, when you make them visual you can better your workflow as you learn to not focus on a single idea. Note down thoughts and feelings, any obscure notions can later become concepts.


Nothing can get you more inspired again than seeing creativity at its best. Attend art exhibitions, galleries, museums, festivals, events relating to design and industry talks. This is a way to fully explore and witness the new trends and upcoming designs happening right now.

Be organised

Keep notes of ideas in one place making them easy to access when a sudden thought comes to mind. A messy work station leads to messy work, be motivated by your environment to improve your daily productivity.


Release good endorphins into your body and relieve stress, clearing your mind for new and fresh ideas to come through.

Mix things up

Steer away from your usual routine by walking a different route, listen to new music, open yourself up to discover new things. Throw a curveball, look at things from another angle and gain new perspective.

Stay positive

Negative thoughts lead to negative ideas and bad fitting concepts.

Be curious about everything

Ask questions, question yourself. Learn a new language, discover new things, find out weird facts. All these things with help you become a more rounded person and allow you to offer more diverse contributions.

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Top 10 Tips to Spark your Creativity

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