What are Brand Guidelines and Why do I need them?

What are Brand Guidelines and Why do I need them?
3 minutes read. May 30th, 2017.

So what is included in the brand guidelines?

A set of rules will list out the correct colour palettes specification, font choices and imagery styles that you use to communicate through, as well as the use of your logo in sizing and positioning. Other relative methods you use to create your distinctive brand, such as structural layout grids, spacing and typography detailing should be included with examples. A good set of guides will provide examples of both the correct and incorrect ways to use each element and include any secondary choices.

Why its important to have clear brand guidelines?

Having clear guidelines in place for designers ensures that all of your important information, such as your logo, is used correctly and is continually used in the same way through all media outputs. Creating a strict set of rules to follow means that each designer that works with you will be able to create an on-brand outcome, whether you choose an agency in New York or London.

Your brand should be your business’ personality and tone of voice, used to inform people of its values, its how you want others see you. Its your signature style, you don’t want your name or logo on something that misrepresents you or your values, the same as you wouldn’t sign a document you aren’t happy with.

Why should I create brand guidelines?

Taking the time to create a brand and break down how to use each component may sound tedious and a waste of time, but its one of the most important first steps to take when starting your business. Don’t rush and compromise the look of your business over the desire to be up and running straight away. A lasting company is one with strong branding and a presence that will match, by taking the time to create a brand that represents you as a business you are ensuring the best possible start by saving time and money in the long run. The guidelines will help to continue in producing a consistent and recognisable presence that people will connect with and trust in all new avenues of communication you introduce over time.

See how we shaped Utiligroup’s branding and much more.

Feel you need to set some guidelines in place or want to re-brand, get in touch with us. We’ll develop a brand that says all the right things about you. Afterwards, we’ll police it, protect it and ensure that when you’ve gone to the effort of creating a brand, it gets the chance to do its job.

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What are Brand Guidelines and Why do I need them?

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