Is Print Dead?

Is Print Dead?
2 minutes read. May 12th, 2017.

In a digital world, print stands out. In a report from 2015, results show that people prefer to read from paper rather than screens as the navigation of flipping back and fourth is easier. Reading on paper creates stronger memories of the information perhaps due to digital screens being harder to look at longer, encouraging scanning through information rather than reading thoroughly. A Tactile nature to information creates a more powerful memorable experience and allows people to form a stronger connection to your brand.

Yet delivering print campaigns of real scale takes experience. When a print campaign would make all the difference, we’ll take you from concept to letterbox. So if you want to hit your print deadline, your target market and your campaign ambitions, best talk to the team who were running print campaigns when print was all there was.

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Our clients understand and appreciate how creative-led print campaigns can set them apart from their competition. Parking eye’s use of spot varnish on their business cards subtly allows the logo to stand out but in a much softer tone of voice, called for in the rebrand. Their use of specialist printing technique doesn’t stop there; the brand also uses silver holographic foil printing on their brochures. Conceptual thinking works great with print and can create user experience with your product or material. A great example we worked on for Ignition RM, called for an unusual approach to their promotional material with silk screen printed parking tickets. Find the project details in our Portfolio.

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Is Print Dead?

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