Should I be using Emojis in my Social Media posts?

Should I be using Emojis in my Social Media posts?
2 minutes read. March 26th, 2017.

Many brands experienced a higher unique opening rate in their email campaigns that included emojis in the subject headline, indicating a more responsive outcome. This can be associated with the use of language in captions on social media creating a friendlier tone and feel to your online presence. With an email subject line, you want to limit the characters for space so it can be fully read before opening on any mobile device. Emojis are a great tool to use when space is essential as you can say more with an icon and it will only take up one character. They can also add a unique feature, catching your eye in a full inbox of ordinary emails.

By humanising the online experience with the use of communicating through facial expressions and gestures, it can provoke a stronger emotional reaction within its audience boosting engagement. According to Emogi, when asked more than 70% of people said they felt they could convey and express their emotions better online through the use of emojis.

They allow you to create a more informative post by enabling the audience to quickly form a short story or explanation through visual feelings carrying the message and undertones in your post. Including these picture characters can change the meanings of your posts and allow your audience to easily form notions beyond purely textual forms. This gives you more freedom and creativity based upon the intelligence and interpretation skills of your audience.

Before becoming the emoji expert, you should take into consideration some things. Does it fit with the posts content and tone? With their informal nature of use, they aren’t always the best or suitable choice which calls for a more professional and respectful attitude in serious situations. Have I chosen the right emoji for my post? Across different devices an emoji can change and alter its design contributors slightly resulting in some misinterpreted messages. Lastly, remember to limit the use of your emoji’s to only a short few in a single post, too many can be distracting from the original post and confuse the reader.

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Should I be using Emojis in my Social Media posts?

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