Getting Inked: Considerations for Print Design

Getting Inked: Considerations for Print Design
2 minutes read. November 16th, 2018.

Audience Comes First

The end goal of print design is to catch the attention of, and engage with, our intended audience. With print design, we have the opportunity to create a more sensory, tangible experience than a screen-based, digital outcome. Our chosen demographic will directly influence the type of outcome we produce (a billboard might be more effective at communicating with our intended audience than a flyer, for example).

Spatial Awareness

Of course, we may not always have flexibility in terms of document size. But whether or not this is the case, print design is all about making use of space and layout, the former of which can often be severely restricted. Whatever the chosen dimensions, a designer must figure out how to balance both text and image, making effective use of the space that they have to work with.

Picture Perfect

The quality of an image is determined by its resolution. Without getting overly technical, we need to ensure that images possess the correct DPI (dots per inch, which determines the density of an image when it is printed out). This is all done with the aim of ensuring that the outcome contains crisp, clear visuals.

Don’t forget the bleed

It’s important to take care of the little things. Bleed ensures that elements which run to the edge of a page extend beyond the trim edge – that way, if there are any movements during the printing process, we can rest assured that the artwork will still run to the very edge of the paper.

When it’s done, it’s done

Tweaks and updates to digital designs can be made at any time, but print is final – once the magic button is pressed, there’s no going back. Print designs go on a journey of adjustments and amendments until a final design is reached, so it’s massively important that any issues have been ironed out.

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Getting Inked: Considerations for Print Design

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