Why you need a set of creative tools for your business

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Why you need a set of creative tools for your business

“Design isn’t just about beauty; it’s about market relevance and meaningful results.” John Maeda

Design led business’s that prioritise creativity are more likely to use tools and processes to innovate. 83% of design-led business’ already have tools in place to test ideas with customers and 78% have defined processes for coming up with new ideas. Figures from business that don’t prioritise design dropped by nearly 10% in the same category. Design leaders know the importance of research and how deeply understanding the customer shapes strategy implementation to meet the rise in expectations from consumer engagement.

Research from the paper lists its key findings in how creativity levels within the business can impact customer and retention. Creativity within the core of the company builds innovation and collaboration processes through a variety of roles which users embrace and benefit from over the long term. Businesses which are not design led in comparison fail to hit the mark struggling to engage customers and employees alike with outdated technology and marketing processes.

Design drives engagement, powers ‘likes’ and benefits the bottom line. Let’s talk about yours today!

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Why you need a set of creative tools for your business

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