The Future of Design – 3D Printing

The Future of Design – 3D Printing
3 minutes read. January 17th, 2020.

How it works

Firstly, let’s try and define 3D printing and explain – without jargon – how the magic happens. Things aren’t a million miles away from the standard 2D printing process in that the user sends a digital file (albeit this time made using 3D software) to the printer. 3D printers differ in that they use a special type of ‘ink’ called filaments, which can be made up of just about anything (paper, metal, glass… you name it). The printer then goes through many cycles to create a layered, physical object.

3D printing has revolutionised the way that items are made. We can print bespoke human body parts and even food nowadays (yes, seriously), and the ability to make just about whatever we want isn’t the only benefit.

The accuracy offered by 3D printing is unparalleled – we can create intricate, precise designs on demand, and with little to no wastage. The whole process saves on both cost and time. What’s more, if by chance we’ve made a mistake as part of the design process, we needn’t go back to square one – we can simply make tweaks to the original file and go again. When it comes to product development, making use of 3D printing is a no-brainer.

The Third Dimension

Three-dimensional content is where’s it’s at right now – we only need look towards another fast-growing medium, virtual reality, to see that (check out our previous blog post to learn more about the benefits of VR). The ace up 3D printing’s sleeve, however, is its ability to exist as a tangible design outcome – there’s nothing quite like the experience of engagement that comes with physical interaction.

It’s worth mentioning that the world of visual arts has been making the most of the 3D universe for many a year. Museums and exhibitions are littered with the latest 3D-printed offerings, whilst when it comes to branding and marketing, increased commercial accessibility means brands are able to make more out of promotional materials. The likes of Nike and Nokia have already dipped their toes in the water, and why not? 3D printing provides an opportunity for brands to test the water through cost-effective experimentation, whether it be through packaging prototypes or niche promotional materials – 3D business cards, anyone?


As 3D printing brings with it a way to differentiate, experiment and push our creative abilities further, we’re entering an age in which we will be sure to reap the rewards of its potential. In our pursuit of dreaming up better, brighter, more innovative solutions, 3D printing is taking us into a whole new creative dimension.

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The Future of Design – 3D Printing

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