Rebranding How To Change People’s Perception of your brand?

Rebranding How To Change People’s Perception of your brand?
3 minutes read. March 29th, 2019.

Understand your current audience

Gaining a clear idea of your audience’s perception of your brand in its current form will help you to determine how much change is required. Forget about what you think your audience might think – this is a time for clear-cut answers. Interaction on social media, surveys and even face-to-face discussions – these are all examples which will help you understand the reality of how your brand is perceived. Ask specific, open questions, then in turn quiz yourself in order to determine the appropriate changes to make. Think along the lines of: Does my business’s logo connect well enough with my target market? Is my brand’s tone of voice missing the mark? Does my brand pander too heavily to desktop users? Ask difficult questions now and the process will become much easier down the line.

Embrace change, but not too much

The important thing to remember from the outset is that your brand is allowed to change – nothing is set in stone. You need to ask yourself whether a few minor tweaks will create the intended impact you’re searching for. Ensure that the changes to your brand are bold enough to make your audience sit up and take notice – don’t be afraid to say goodbye to the past. The caveat here, of course, is a potential loss of brand-recognisability – we’re looking to engage with people, not confuse them, so knowing what elements to keep and what to throw away is the million-pound question.

Create a shared understanding

Ensuring that everyone involved is aware of where the rebrand is headed will keep everyone on the same track, leaving you to rest easy in the knowledge that, as a collective, you understand both the need for change and the intended result. Take the time to sit down with your team and ensure that they all buy into the rebranding project – everything filters down from the top. Help them understand what you have learned from audience feedback and be open to suggestions – after all, a strong brand is achieved through teamwork.

Enjoy the process

Sometimes, it’s so easy to get caught up in the pressure of feeling that your brand’s core identity is at risk that you forget to enjoy the process of rebranding. A rebrand should be a celebration of both what your brand was and will become, not a desperate attempt to fend off stagnation until the next time comes around. Enjoy the creative journey, involve your audience and generate excitement for the evolution of your brand.

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Rebranding How To Change People’s Perception of your brand?

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