5 Steps to Better Brainstorming

5 Steps to Better Brainstorming
2 minutes read. February 22nd, 2019.

Establish a status-free zone

Forget job titles and hierarchies – everyone’s an equal when it comes to the ideas process. Beginning the brainstorming process on the same level will go a long way towards eradicating any anxiety people have about being judged by their superiors or subordinates. Which brings us neatly onto our next point…

Be ridiculous

Brainstorming should be free of judgement. In other words, anything goes. Even the most confident of people possess fear of being rejected or made fun of. Being ridiculous inspires creative confidence by encouraging a relaxed environment.

Quantity, not quality

Brainstorming is a numbers game – it’s all about throwing as many ideas out there as possible, no matter how unrefined or unrealistic. Even if someone dreams up a solution which will never come to fruition, try running with it and see what offshoots develop. Brainstorming is the exploratory phase after all – what have you got to lose?

Talk about what wouldn’t work

Sometimes exploring the exact opposite of what’s required can be the key to unlocking creativity. Consider ideas that wouldn’t work and discuss why, then flip those whys around and see if it helps you figure out what your project needs.

Stop focusing

It sounds counter-intuitive, but there’s a reason our best ideas come to us when we’re at our most relaxed (think shower time, lying in bed, and so on). The trick to brainstorming well is not concentrating too hard on the end goal. Think stray thoughts and random memories – your brain might just carry you towards a plausible solution.

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5 Steps to Better Brainstorming

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