Branding Success: What are Mission and Vision Statements?

Branding Success: What are Mission and Vision Statements?
4 minutes read. July 18th, 2019.

Mission Statements

A mission statement is one of the most vital elements when it comes to branding – put simply, it clarifies exactly what a brand does and how it does it. For customers, mission statements summarise what is to be expected of a brand. For employees, mission statements can be an effective motivational tool – they assist in developing brand culture based on common beliefs and goals.

Mission statements provide an objective for everyone to align towards – employees, customers, shareholders, you name it. A strong mission statement can be referred back to on a daily basis – it’s a great way of assessing whether business-related decisions are being made in-line with brand ideals.

It’s important to remember that mission statements deal with the here and now. The best mission statements are honest, confident and well-aligned with brand values (fear not – a handy example is on the way).

Vision Statements

Vision statements are usually more concerned with the long-term future, delving into aspirations and ideals as opposed to the here and now. Designed to inspire, vision statements often describe how brands aim to make a difference in the world. Some brands choose to include ethical or environmental causes in their vision statement, whilst others prefer to focus on business-related growth.

A mission statement will explain what your brand does today. A vision statement will explain what your brand is striving towards becoming tomorrow.

A Useful Example

“We strive to offer our customers the lowest possible prices, the best available selection, and the utmost convenience.”

There’s no better way to start a mission statement than speaking literally and getting straight to the point. Amazon’s statement is succinct and positive, with each element providing a reference point by which the company can measure success – low prices, the best choice, high convenience. Customers and employees alike now know – in no uncertain terms – what the brand aims to deliver. Simple.

Amazon’s vision statement, on the other hand, is:

“To be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online.”

Note how the vision statement speaks in broader, more aspirational terms – let’s take the part where it points out the company’s intention to sell anything people might want to buy. Think about how ‘anything people might want to buy’ compares to ‘the best available selection’ (as mentioned in the mission statement). The mission statement deals with the here and now, highlighting what the company can achieve today. The vision statement, on the other hand, pinpoints what the company wants to be – it’s conceivable that Amazon will be able to offer absolutely anything people might want to buy online, but that’s not going to happen today – it’s a goal that aligns with the company’s desire for global growth in the future.

The Perfect Blend

The above example is evidence of how the goals summarised in a vision statement can be heavily influenced the mission statement, a handy reminder that both statements need to work together cohesively. If there’s no connection between the two, the message becomes muddled and the brand can easily lose its purpose.

Some brands feel that their mission and vision statements work best when combined as one, which is certainly an option worth considering. Whatever your preference, it is important to ensure that your statements are clear, unique and impactful – rolling out a monotonous cliché certainly won’t do your brand any favours, and nor will a statement which doesn’t set your brand apart from its competitors. Ultimately, your statements should be looking to inspire and motivate positive action, which means that tone of voice must be confident, assertive and on-brand.

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Whilst strategic decisions may well dictate the course a company takes, mission and vision statements are a constant reminder of the intended destination, a framework by which to make choices for the good of your brand. For the world’s most successful brands, it’s not just about having mission and vision statements – it’s about behaving in a way that fulfils them.

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Branding Success: What are Mission and Vision Statements?

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