Branding Banana Skins: 6 Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Branding Banana Skins: 6 Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
3 minutes read. June 5th, 2019.

Misjudging your audience

To build a brilliant brand, you must be able to develop a lasting relationship with your target audience. Identifying who you appeal to takes time and research, and some brands fall short as a result of being too vague. Identifying your target demographic will help you to understand the way that your audience thinks, as well as their interests and expectations – only after this point can you develop a brand which they will relate to.

Not having a clear USP

Your unique selling point sets your brand apart. It shows people what your brand can offer that your competitors simply can’t. If you don’t know your own USP, there’s a high chance your marketing will lack cohesion – what kind of message will that send to potential customers? Know your audience, research your competitors and pinpoint exactly what your brand brings to the table – having a clear USP is a sure-fire way to start grabbing people’s attention.

Shunning social media

It’s estimated that only 60% of UK businesses actually use social media. This is an alarmingly low statistic, especially considering how crucial the likes of Facebook and Twitter are for brand engagement. Whether it’s responses to queries, customer feedback or informing people about your brand, the importance of social media can’t be overstated. Where else can you reach a potential audience of billions at the click of a button?

Overcomplicating things

You may have noticed how the world’s top brands keep things simple, from visuals right down to core messaging. A brand that’s easy to understand won’t confuse or alienate people. Bear in mind that simple doesn’t have to mean boring, nor does it mean putting minimal effort in. It takes hard work strike a balance between straightforward and exciting, but find that sweet spot and it will all look effortless.

Not adhering to brand guidelines

We’ve discussed at length the importance of brand guidelines in a previous post, but it’s worth a mention here, too. Not using brand guidelines properly will result in inconsistent branding, which can go a long way towards diluting your brand and its message. Let’s not forget that brand guidelines are there for everyone to follow – make sure that each person associated with your brand is adhering to them.

Ignoring signs of an ageing brand

It can be hard to face the cold hard truth sometimes. But when a brand starts to look and feel tired, audiences will take notice and start to lose interest. Be aware that a minor logo refresh might not be the only order of the day, either – markets change and evolve constantly, making it easy for messaging, materials and even brand values to begin missing the mark. Being honest and self-reflective is the best solution to this problem – you should always be on the lookout for signs of an aging brand and, more importantly, not placing any concerns on the back-burner.

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Branding Banana Skins: 6 Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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