Utiligroup/ESG Interiors

Utiligroup/ESG Interiors

ESG meeting room design with Lego figure

The spaces we work in are important. Very important. So when Utiligroup (now ESG Global) got in touch to give their office spaces a creative twist, we were there to help. With a sense of fun right off the bat, we set out to create a concept that would both inspire employees and wow clients across the whole onsite experience.

Utiligroup/ESG Interiors

Using classic board games as our inspiration, we worked collaboratively with the guys at Utiligroup to design and fit themed spaces throughout their facility, adding playful wall wraps, props and glass graphics to make every room a discussion point.

But that wasn’t all. Utiligroup were so happy with our work that they asked us to design a series of wall wraps for their meeting rooms. We were on hand to create a concept inspired by technology and forward thinking. Utiligroup liked the idea so much that they named the three meeting rooms Cloud, Computer and Internet.

Utiligroup/ESG Interiors

We were also commissioned to produce a wrap for the entrance to the Utiligroup office space, which gave us us the chance to create an impactful and memorable welcome wall. For this design, we used a mix of contemporary fonts and bold, captivating colours - all of which are a true reflection of Utiligroup’s bold brand identity.

ESG diner room design

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Utiligroup/ESG Interiors

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