UCLan Social Media Campaign

UCLan Social Media Campaign

UCLan came to us in the middle of the pandemic and in the middle of a pickle. How could they engage businesses and workers in Lancashire to consider their events, which were rapidly shifting to an online format?

UCLan social media marketing campaign graphics on desktop, tablet and mobile

The key challenge for us was to allow UCLan to promote the whole concept of Leading Lancashire, rather than just individual events. We worked with UCLan to develop a brief that they'd be happy with before we jumped into the creative.

The answer? A suite of social media images that they could use to tell the story of individuals on their leadership journey. We worked through a few iterations of creative to show what might be possible. In the end, we settled on a concept called "Your Story". The idea references the fact that a career is like a book with multiple chapters, and the future of your story is linked to the things you do, part of which is all about learning.

These images were simple but also highly flexible. They can be used with different text, but also in different colours to represent different aspects of the Leading Lancashire offer. In the end, this is bold and impactful idea that will stand the test of time for UCLan.

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UCLan Social Media Campaign

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