RBSL Website Design & Development

RBSL Website Design & Development

Every brand needs a website. So when we created the RBSL brand, we launched a simple website to get the brand up and running. But websites are evolving things and soon, RBSL started to think about what what they wanted their ideal website look like. Because we made their brand from scratch, they came back to Think!Creative to make it happen.

RBSL responsive website design on desktop & tablet

The challenge

We approached the design by trying to reflect the simplicity of the brand in a website that was capable, but also not overwhelming. And that had to be the case for both the viewer and for RBSL behind the scenes. Specifically, the main requests we had from the team at RBSL was to completely control their content, which almost all our clients need.

A go-to for pretty much any website in the last few years has been Wordpress. But the truth is, it can be a bit like a kitchen sink - in that you get a lot of features you don't actually need. Our CMS does away with all of that, so you get the features you need and nothing that you don't.

The response

Since RBSL were looking for a platform that would give them the ability to create and control content, we used the latest CMS software. This gives RBSL complete control of content blocks that seamlessly integrate with the design of the site. This allows for a completely fluid approach to building and maintaining the website.

RBSL Website Design & Development

On top of the usual static functionality, we also built custom areas on the site for RBSL to create news articles and events, a custom timeline, and a careers integration with a global jobs portal. The icing on the cake is some subtle animations that create subtle movement as you move around on each page.

On the journey

There's a saying in our industry that a website is never finished. But it takes a combination of focus and collaboration to make a site that does what you want without losing sight of your audience. Fortunately, between ourselves and RBSL, we got the balance on this one just right.

RBSL Website Design & Development

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RBSL Website Design & Development

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