Inspired Energy - Utility Insights

Inspired Energy - Utility Insights

Sub-brands are tricky to get right. Sometimes you need them to be a close cousin of your main brand and others they need to be poles apart. So when Inspired Energy came to us to develop a sub-brand - our pencils were sharp and ready to go.

Utility Insights VIP card design

The goal? To develop a sub-brand that would attract audiences to Inspired Energy’s series of nationwide forums, webinars and podcasts. The challenge? To make the sub-brand as compelling as its parent. Not an easy task. But one we we absolutely loved digging into.

Inspired Energy - Utility Insights

Whether it's a master brand or a sub-brand, the same rules apply. You need a set of distinctive assets to help your brand stand out. So we developed a logo, a colour palette and a suite of dynamic, abstract waves to be our hero visuals. These were paired with the Inspired Energy Midnight Blue as a nod back to Inspired Energy.

Inspired Energy - Utility Insights

From that foundation we developed a range of integrated creative outputs to bring the brand to life. We created concertina booklets, pull-up banners, digital email campaigns and a website including members-only access. The VIP client portal differentiates itself with an alternative colour palette. All this was the result of plenty of time thinking about how to craft a sub-brand that did the business. Some would even call it inspired....

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Inspired Energy - Utility Insights

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