The Think Creative Brand Workshop

The Think Creative Brand Workshop

Why would you need a brand workshop? Well - all brands (even the best ones) need a visit to TLC Town once in a while. Maybe a pesky new competitor is coming onto your territory? Or perhaps you know you have a great product, but your branding is just a bit.... "meh?" Maybe you know what your brand proposition is in the Marketing department, but the rest of your company isn't engaged? When you want to tackle any of these challenges, a branding workshop is a great way to start.

3 reasons to book a brand workshop.

  1. "We aren't clear about our brand message or brand positioning."

    You’ve been focused on building your company. But your messaging and branding feels like a disconnected muddle, and you’re not sure any of it's actually working.

  2. "We don't understand our customers well enough."

    Companies are like kids. You look at yours and decide yours is (obviously) the best. But in branding, that's rarely how your customers see it. So let's learn more about them and see what they think of you (both good and bad.)

  3. "We need to do a better job of telling our story across the whole customer journey."

    Getting everyone in a company to work better together always sounds easier than it is - and you need help breaking down some of the silos and habits.

Sure, you could try to tackle this all on your own. Or you could grab a workshop with a senior branding team who eat, sleep and breathe branding. From strategic decision making with our Creative Strategist to creative considerations with our Creative Director, we've got you covered.

What's involved?

A Think!Creative Brand Workshop is a mashup of theory, interactive exercises and chat, which makes your session both fun and practical. Most importantly, workshops are a great way to get everyone in your team on the same page. A workshop is a cost effective way to get complete clarity before you go unleashing the company budget on a full branding project.

While we're talking about your brand, it's really important not to lose sight of the most important person in this equation. All our workshops are designed to uncover the thoughts of your customers and employees. They are the secret to your future success, and so we need to spend time understanding how you understand them, then we can move forward and ask them whether that's true or not.

The Think Creative Brand Workshop

Where and when?

First up - housekeeping. We recommend keeping a day aside for the workshop.

The answer is, anywhere you like. We can hold your brand workshop at your place. That way we get to come to you and see where you do your thing. Or you can come to us - we find there's a lot of benefit it bringing people together away from the day to day so you get in a different headspace? Got a distributed or remote team? We speak remote too. We can deliver a great online workshop that makes the most of the digital way of doing things. And you know what? We find that some of the most interesting answers come out of online sessions, so don't overlook this option as it's more cost effective too.

What happens after?

Good question. Every business is different, so you won't get a template report from us. No no. We go off and crunch any data you shared with us, review your customer journey, and and put together a series of custom next steps, bespoke to your business. Usually though, the workshop process leads to a workshop debrief and a suggestion of what the next steps for your brand might be. Whether you're looking to rebrand, reposition or just refresh, we will have answers for you.

Ready to go?

Contact us today to set up an intro call to discuss your brand workshop.

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The Think Creative Brand Workshop

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