BAE Systems EVP Animation

BAE Systems EVP Animation

BAE Systems EVP Animation storyboard

Employee Value Proposition

In every business, employer and employee are part of a deal – with a shared understanding of the things expected from both parties. But how often do we actually articulate that relationship? And if you do articulate it, how do you do it in a way that makes people sit up and listen?

BAE Systems EVP Animation

That was our challenge. Create a video that told the story of BAE Systems’ Employee Value Proposition (EVP) in the most ‘full service’ of ways. It was a collaborative project that spanned all our skillsets, from scriptwriting, character design and illustration, to animation, editing and sound.

Entertaining Engagement

The resulting explainer video gives employees the knowledge to enhance their work life experience, and the tools to ensure the company knows how to attract, retain, engage and motivate its people. By creating a story around the EVP, we were able to ‘show not tell’ its details and benefits, creating an engaging experience that injects charm and warmth into the BAE Systems brand.

BAE Systems EVP Animation
BAE Systems EVP Animation projected

Employee Recognition Video

But the story didn't end there. BAE Systems also asked us to use the EVP characters we created to develop a brand new employee recognition video. The goal of this was to show how managers can make a noise about people on their team and their contribution to BAE Systems.

The result? BAE Systems bringing out the best in their staff brought the best out in us too. Managers got a timely reminder of just how important it is to recognise the efforts of others. And we used conceptual thinking, copywriting, storyboarding, illustration and motion graphics to create an engaging and impactful video. A nice little bit of teamwork we'd say.

BAE Systems EVP Animation storyboard

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BAE Systems EVP Animation

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