The Think!Creative Bake off

The Think!Creative Bake off
3 minutes read. September 15th, 2017.

Week 1 – The week of the Illustrators

Our resident Illustrator decided to stick to a British classic to kick of our Think!Bake off in the studio with his sticky toffee pudding.

Taste – overall score 31 /40
Appearance – overall score 27 /40
Effort score – overall 30 /40
Total scoreoverall 87 /120
(1 point deducted for the hair found)

The Think!Creative Bake off - week 1

Week 2 – The week of the Senior Designers

Brownie Points go to our Senior Creative Designer for his efforts, the offer of a brew really won over the team when it came to scoring.

Taste – overall score 33 /40
Appearance – overall score 32.5 /40
Effort score – overall 34 /40
Total scoreoverall 99.5 /120

The Think!Creative Bake off - week 2

Week 3 – The week of the Creative Directors

This super healthy cheesecake and sunflower energy balls really brightened up the studio not forgetting the additional on-brand napkins, however with no baking taken place we did question whether it was allowed, but you try saying no to the boss! Bravo-cado!

Taste – overall score 33 /40
Appearance – overall score 38 /40
Effort score – overall 35 /40
Total scoreoverall 106 /120

The Think!Creative Bake off - week 3

Week 4 – The week of the Web Developers

The bar was set high but that didn’t stop our Web Developer from creating an amazing rainbow coloured layer cake with a pot of tea waiting at the end!

Taste – overall score 28 /40
**Appearance **– overall score 30 /40
**Effort score **– overall 39 /40
Total scoreoverall 97 / 120

The Think!Creative Bake off - week 4

Week 5 – The week of the Creative Designers

The showstopper came fittingly in the final week with an M’n’M antigravity pouring almond cake and salted caramel cake pops, complete with on-brand yellow icing from our Creative Designer.

Taste – overall score 34 /40
Appearance – overall score 39 /40
Effort score – overall 40 /40
Total scoreoverall 115 /120

The Think!Creative Bake off - week 5

And the winner is...

No half baked ideas from our team but the proof was in the pudding and our Creative Designer Natalie came out on top with her M’n’M and almond pouring cake with salted caramel cake pops. The icing on the cake for us all was enjoying the great efforts each designer made every week for the team.

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The Think!Creative Bake off

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