Introducing… Tiny Tim

Introducing… Tiny Tim
2 minutes read. November 1st, 2016.

We have adopted another Donkey to join Cocoa in the family. Tiny Tim (not so tiny, standing at an impressive 4ft 3) is originally from Ripon in Yorkshire (we won’t hold that against him) and was relinquished to The Donkey Sanctuary and the grand old age of three and a half. His owners loved him dearly but he didn’t fit in so well with the other donkeys. In the end they had to make the heart-wrenching decision to find another home for their lovely boy. However, Tiny Tim has soon settled into his new home and proved to be a very popular member of the heard. The staff at The Donkey Sanctuary soon fell in love with Tiny Tim (look at that mane!) and when the staff put him forward for extra training to help children with additional needs, Tiny Tim excelled.

Not only is this guy a super hero, a helper and a genuine all round good chap – he’s an escape artist. Earning his name Harry Houdini for escaping from a fully strapped-up rug left in the stable overnight. What a talent!

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Introducing… Tiny Tim

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