Jonesco Website Design & Development

After our work with our friends at Jonesco in Preston to redefine their brand identity, they needed their website to come up to scratch.

Jonesco responsive website product page design on desktop

The problem

Jonesco had several problems with their existing website. And unfortunately, they weren't things that could be fixed in a jiffy. The design was dated (not great when people access sites on smartphones these days,) the search functionality was clunky, and the general user experience left a lot to be desired. Not great when you're looking to win business from time-poor distributors.

Jonesco Website Design & Development

The workshop

Our website workshop with Jonesco uncovered all these issues and more. Through a structured conversation, we identified a wishlist of functionality and features that we'd prioritise. Ultimately the new site had to be much more modern with a blend of both company information and a product catalogue with deep search. We also looked at 3 different customer journeys in detail.

Jonesco Website Design & Development


A site as big as this takes a lot of planning and preparation. In this case, a simple sitemap doesn't cut it. But fortunately, with the workshop under our belts, we know exactly what to do We worked collaboratively with the team at Jonesco to create a sitemap, in-depth information architecture and a prototype.

Jonesco Website Design & Development

Prototype in hand, we dug into the design itself. From a basic wireframe to an overall look and feel, we then developed key page designs, and explored the functionality of the interactive timeline, news and product pages. We cycled through a range of options here, until we found creative routes that were both aesthetically interesting, but also functional.

The redesign brought simplicity and clarity to the table, with an increased emphasis on using digital design as a tool to showcase Jonesco's product and service offerings. The Jonesco website is an intuitive and easy to use on desktops and mobiles alike.


Of course, with a site like this the story doesn't end there. We had to create custom code for all those fancy features. Our custom CMS (available on all Think! Websites) underpins the site, with complete content management and custom fields to give Jonesco complete control over their content. Whether it be landing pages, pulling in feeds from Instagram or their careers page.

Jonesco Website Design & Development

But Jonesco needed more. Their site also showcases their products. So we created a full back end that features the ability to upload and manage products, including product variants, and all the related images that go along with that. We added the ability for Jonesco to upload product sheets and other product data.

The outcome

The difference for Jonesco is that they now have a website that is worlds apart from their old, dated, hard to update version that they started with. We have it on good authority that they've had lots of positive feedback from their customers about the website and how much easier it now is to work with Jonesco.

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Jonesco Website Design & Development

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