Jonesco Brand Identity

In a way creating a brand from scratch is easy. But finding the best way for a brand to modernise a rich and successful heritage is much trickier. And that's the challenge our friends at Jonesco in Preston came to us with. They needed to create a brand foundation that would let them build a more distinctive offer in a world of lookalike products and competitors. But crucially they needed us to do that while maintaining their heritage in a modern way.

Jonesco Brand Identity applied to exhibition stand design

Of course, we started where you always start with these things - by talking to customers. We worked alongside Jonseco to get a feel for where their customers felt the brand was doing well, and where it could improve. We also ran collaborative workshops to make sure we understood how the marketing, sales and product teams saw things before talking things over with senior management. Finally, we ran a competitive review to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their competition.

Jonesco Brand Identity

The first job in a branding exercise isn't to start doodling. It's to find a brand position that the brand can own. So that's what we did. Over the next few workshops, we presented our analysis along with the big opportunities for the brand. In the end, we actually managed to get their brand position down to one word. That simplicity helped get buy in and understanding for the brand across the whole business. Now all we had to do was bring it to life...

Jonesco Brand Identity

The key challenge to building Jonesco's visual brand was to give them a palette of assets to work with across different media. That process started with a factory tour, and a look in the archives. We looked at Jonesco's products and how they make them along with historical imagery to find clues and cues that might give us a hook to build the visual brand identity on.

Jonesco Brand Identity

We find that distinctive assets work best when they carry a nod to something tangible about the business. That's why our fluid visuals are a reference to the colourful products that Jonesco make. And the uncomplicated, down to earth tone of voice is a true reflection of how their people talk.

After we worked through our creative process, we could start piecing together the brand guides, combining the brand positioning as well as the key visuals. But our guides for Jonesco are much more than just a PDF. The guides are a toolkit of parts that they can use every day to help them make decisions on positioning, messaging, visuals and more. In other words, our brand guides help guide Jonesco in their brand decisions as they take on a highly competitive market. And that's exactly how we pictured it too.

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Jonesco Brand Identity

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