BAE Systems Ventilator Naming & Brand Identity

BAE Systems Ventilator Naming & Brand Identity

BAE Systems Aircare brand guidelines

At the start of the pandemic, the Ventilator Challenge asked British companies to step up and get ventilators on the frontline of the NHS. Though the challenge of making these machines was a life and death thing, companies also needed to tackle the job of naming their ventilator. BAE Systems came to Think!Creative in their time of need, so they could focus on doing the really important stuff.

BAE Systems Ventilator Naming & Brand Identity

The internal project name for the BAE Systems ventilator was “Florence,” - a nice nod to the medical profession. Now we just needed to name the machine itself. But this was no ordinary project. For once our job wasn’t to grab attention away from the competition. Instead, we had to develop a name that respected the situation.

BAE Systems Ventilator Naming & Brand Identity

Functional names can be boring, so we didn’t want something that describes what the ventilator does, like “SomethingVent.” Instead, we wanted a name that reflected the way BAE Systems put business to one side to help the nation. After some furious scribbling and back-and-forth meetings; AirCare was born.

The alternatives

We’re really proud of the work we did on this project, which also included design and branding work. As for the name? Well, we think it stacks up pretty well against the ones other companies came up with. But you be the judge....

Penlon Prima EOS2 / CoVent / Project BlueSky / ParaPac / AirCare / Helix / Nippy 4+ / EVA / Piran Vent / Nippy Vivo 65 / OxVent / Veloci-Vent / Zephyr Plus / inVicto / Gemini / Sagentia Ventilator.

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BAE Systems Ventilator Naming & Brand Identity

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