BAE Systems Spark

BAE Systems Spark

One of our key roles as a selected agency partner for BAE Systems is to look after their brand - and that includes how to creatively develop sub-brands. So when BAE Systems launched a new learning platform in 2021, we needed to work our magic on this dazzling new sub-brand.

BAE Systems Spark web interface design for portal on desktop

Spark was created to meet the internal need for BAE Systems to help their people develop new skills and capabilities throughout their careers. It's an online, on-demand platform that allows staff to build learning into their daily workflows. A platform like that deserves a top class identity. So that's exactly what we've developed alongside the team at BAE Systems.

BAE Systems Spark

We began by crafting a logo that would sit neatly as part of their sub-brand identity system, while also including an identifier of its own. Our approach here was to develop a branded word mark, that features asterisk iconography built into the word. We then twinned that with a nodes visual to let the visual and key messaging hang together. The concept behind this was to highlight the connections between staff that build up the knowledge in the company over time.

All in all, the launch of Spark has been a hit. BAE Systems tell us they've had an uptake of over 6,000 users already - and that number is expected to grow into 2022. And we'll be there every step fo the way to help them develop their sub-brand even more.

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BAE Systems Spark

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