BAE Systems 'Beware the Brew' Campaign,

BAE Systems 'Beware the Brew' Campaign

BAE Systems 'Beware the Brew' Campaign,

How do you get a serious message across? Conventional wisdom says that your message should also be serious. Right? Actually, erm... no. If you want to get attention, you have to pay attention to what people pay attention to, if you catch our drift. That's usually not boring information, as you'll know from the last time you ignored the safety demonstration on a plane.

BAE Systems 'Beware the Brew' Campaign,

So when BAE Systems asked us to develop a campaign to remind people of the dangers in a hot drink, we knew exactly what to do. With its mischievous face and devilish personality staring back at employees ‘Beware of the Brew’ was the perfect way to get our message noticed and talked about.

BAE Systems 'Beware the Brew' Campaign,

And with strategically placed posters and cups, we were able to make sure the message was heard loud and clear. The lesson here? Sometimes a bit of nonsense actually makes perfect sense.

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BAE Systems 'Beware the Brew' Campaign,

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BAE Systems 'Beware the Brew' Campaign,

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