The possibilities are endless. So let’s start whittling them down to the ones that can really make a difference with a clear, smart and simple strategy.

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Brand Strategy

You’ve already got a brand. Ok, so it’s not Coke or iPhone (unless it is, in which case, well done you) but it’s well respected in the industry and performing perfectly well thank you very much. But then, something happens… Some upstart muscles in on your territory. You find the brand that used to fit you like a glove now restricts you like a tiny leotard or fits about as well as a cheap Xmas jumper. That’s what your brand strategy is for. It’s about digging into the DNA of your business(es) to understand what really matters, what fits where, and what to prioritise.


Disney+ is a streaming service just like Netflix and Amazon Prime. But Disney don't tell you that. Instead they offer you "the greatest stories in one place." Disney know something plenty of companies can learn from too. People don't buy. They choose. That's why you don't get time to walk people through the finer points of your logic. Instead, you need a simple, compelling position for your brand if you want people to sit up and notice it. So how clear is your positioning?

Research & Insights

“Research is creating new knowledge”. Neil Armstrong said that, which just goes to show there was a good career in marketing waiting for him if he ever grew tired of the astronaut stuff. But what new knowledge do you need? At Think! Creative, research doesn’t come freeze dried and prepacked (unlike Neil’s lunch). With us, you’ll find insights that surprise you and make the conventional wisdom look silly. And you’ll find the occasional answer that raises questions you simply never thought of before.


Business is busy. But sometimes you just need to stop for a second and take a look at the bigger picture. Our workshops help you do exactly that, by giving you time and space outside of the hustle and bustle of your inbox. Our workshops are a mashup of theory, interactive exercises and chat, which makes your session both fun and practical. Most importantly, workshops are a great way to get everyone in your team on the same page as part of a strategic and creative process.

Frameworks & Maps

Here's the big secret. Creativity needs structure and planning just as much as a fancy building needs an architect. From experience, we can tell you that pretty pictures don't cut it on their own. Our strategies comes with a hand-picked selection of useful frameworks and mapping tools that help you see the wood from the trees (and plot your next steps.) Want to work out where you are and where you're going next?

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